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The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.
Marcel Proust - La Prisonnière / 

Philosophy is written in this grand book, which stands continually open before our eyes (I say the Universe), but can not be understood without first learning to comprehend the language and know the characters as it is written. It is written in mathematical language, and its characters are triangles, circles and other geometric figures, without which it is impossible to humanly understand a word; without these one is wandering in a dark labyrinth.
Galileo Galilei / 

The universe confounds me! I cannot imagine that such a ‘clock’ can exist without there being a Clockmaker.
Voltaire - Les cabales / 

He who lives in harmony with himself lives in harmony with the universe.
Marcus Aurelius - Meditations / 

Nothing is indifferent, nothing is powerless in the universe; an atom can dissolve everything, an atom can save everything
Gérard de Nerval / 

All I did was to look at what the universe showed me.
Claude Monet / 

All I did was to look at what the universe showed me.

Everything mystical is personal — accordingly it is an elementary variation of the universe.
Novalis - Fragments / 

You are the big bang, the original force of the universe, coming on as whoever you are.
Alan Watts / 

You are the big bang, the original force of the universe, coming on as whoever you are.

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The sun, with all those planets revolving around it and dependent on it, can still ripen a bunch of grapes as if it had nothing else in the universe to do.
Galileo Galilei - Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems / 

Call to mind the whole of Substance of which you have a very small portion, and the whole of time whereof a small hair's breadth has been determined for you, and of the chain of causation whereof you are how small a link.
Marcus Aurelius - Meditations / 

No contingency anywhere in the universe; no indifference; no liberty. While we act, we are, at the same time, acted upon.
David Hume - An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding / 

You are that vast thing that you see far, far off with great telescopes.
Alan Watts / 

It would not be much of a universe if it wasn't home to the people you love.
Stephen Hawking / 

That which exercises reason is more excellent than that which does not exercise reason; there is nothing more excellent than the universe, therefore the universe exercises reason.
Zeno of Citium

One of the basic rules of the Universe is that nothing is perfect. Perfection simply doesn't exist without imperfection, neither you nor I would exist.
Stephen Hawking / 

Now do you think one can acquire any appreciable knowledge of the nature of the soul without knowing the nature of the whole?
Plato - Phaedrus / 

A man left alone in the universe would have no rights whatever, but he would have obligations.
Simone Weil / 

Through our eyes, the universe is perceiving itself.
Alan Watts / 

Things are as they are. Looking out into it the universe at night, we make no comparisons between right and wrong stars, nor between well and badly arranged constellations.
Alan Watts

He knows the universe, and himself he does not know.
Jean de La Fontaine - Démocrite et les Abdéritains / 

You are something the whole universe is doing in the same way that the wave is something that the whole ocean is doing.
Alan Watts

Through Albert Einstein's work the horizon of mankind has been immeasurably widened, at the same time as our world picture has attained a unity and harmony never dreamed of before.
Niels Bohr / 

Many scientists did not like the idea that the universe had a beginning, a moment of creation.
Stephen Hawking

I find hope in the darkest of days, and focus in the brightest. I do not judge the universe.
Tenzin Gyatso, 14th Dalai Lama

There is a universal law that commands that we shall be born and we shall die.
Publilius Syrus - Sentences / 

Nothing in the universe is contingent, but all things are conditioned to exist and operate in a particular manner by the necessity of the divine nature.
Baruch Spinoza

The study and knowledge of the universe would somehow be lame and defective were no practical results to follow.
Marcus Tullius Cicero

Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.

We must conceive of this whole universe as one commonwealth of which both gods and men are members.
Marcus Tullius Cicero

That deep emotional conviction of the presence of a superior reasoning power, which is revealed in the incomprehensible universe, forms my idea of God.
Albert Einstein

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