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Jules Renard

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Biography - Jules Renard:

French author.
Born: 1864 - Died: 1910
20th century
19th century
Place of birth: France

Clarity is the politeness of the man of letters.



(French, German)

La clarté est la politesse de l'homme de lettres.

Klarheit ist die Höflichkeit des Schriftstellers.

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Clarity is the good faith of philosophers.

Virtue, perhaps, is nothing more than politeness of soul.

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Quotes about clarity:

Lucidity adds beauty to profound thoughts.

What can be said at all can be said clearly, and what we cannot talk about we must pass over in silence.

For it must not be supposed that merely because the justness of an idea has been proved it can be productive of effective action even on cultivated minds. This fact may be quickly appreciated by noting how slight is the influence of the clearest demonstration on the majority of men.

Truth and clarity are complementary.

Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams who looks inside, awakes.

This dark light which falls from the stars.


Quotes for: Politeness

You must be very polite to the Earth
And to the sun

Art requires neither complaisance nor politeness nothing but faith, faith and freedom.

Politeness is to human nature what warmth is to wax.

The artist can wish for nothing better than blunt friends and polite enemies.


Jules Renard also said...

When you are happy, there is still much to be done: to comfort others.

At the bottom of all patriotism there is war: that is why I am no patriot.

I was brought up by a library.

The danger of success is that it makes us forget the world's dreadful injustice.

Life is short, but boredom makes it longer.

A beautiful line of verse has twelve feet, and two wings.

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