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Publilius Syrus

Quote of Publilius Syrus - He conquers twice who conquers himself...

Biography - Publilius Syrus:

Latin writer *Approximate years of birth and death.
Born: -85 - Died: -43
1st century BC
Place of birth: Syria

He conquers twice who conquers himself in victory.



(French, Latin, German)

Celui qui sait se vaincre dans la victoire est deux fois vainqueur.

Bis vincit qui se vincit in victoria.

Wer sich im Sieg besiegen kann, siegt zweimal.

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There is no higher rule than that over oneself, over one's impulses: there is the triumph of free will.


Publilius Syrus also said...

He has what he desires who can limit his desires to what is enough.

The coward calls himself cautious, the miser thrifty.

Youth must be mastered not by force but by reason.

In excessive altercation, truth is lost.

From the faults of another a wise man will correct his own.

Even a single hair casts a shadow.

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